This is a series of three tracks. The first two are Klangscwester I (which was recorded at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry). The second is imaginetilvely called Klangschwester II and was played home. Both were composed in the iPad app Korg Gadget which has an excellent synth called Helsinki which produces some great ambient synty tones. The last track of the three is called Soundsister which a superb re-work of the first Klangschwester track by a Soundcloud artist called who hails from Germany.

New Track – Systems Technology

This track is a re-recording of a track I performed at The Ashmolean. It uses the aps Thumbjam (which is where the Cello sound comes from and SynthX (well a vague synth undertone comes from). Both apps were linked played together (without having to set-up any odd MIDI settings – which is good as I do not really know how to do MIDI settings!



Live at The Ashmolean

After creating music on and  off for the last ten years I had a chance to play live for the first time ever (which was immense fun though quite exhausting). I was one of the musicians that played at a Live Friday event at The Ashmolean Museum as part of the 150 year celebrations for Oxford Brookes University. I played a set of about 90 minutes using various apps. As a visual stimulus (and to so people were not just watching me play I had numerous videos running which I played along to).

Some live tracks can be found below (the quality is not as good as what was played on the night!).



As my artist name suggest I mostly compose tunes that have an ambient edge. My main passion is creating soundscapes, be they soft drifting drones or more abstract and dark pieces. I mainly compose using apps on my IPad but also make use of whatever instruments I have lying around (my favourite is an Early Learning Centre keyboard.)

In the past my tracks have been played in BBC Radio Oxford and BBC 6 Music. Over the years I have collaborated with people from all over the world and love continuing to do so.