Immersions – New Album with Pete Swinton

“The Oxford Ambient Collective and Pete Swinton are two artists of a similar mind. Using whatever tools are at hand they both sculpt evocative soundworlds in which the listener can lose themself. ‘Immersions’ is a seamless blend of their respective strengths, combining to make an album which ebbs and flows organically across electronic soundscapes, dark, gentle rhythms and glacial harmonic shifts.

New Post/New Work

I must confess that I am not very good at all of the social media stuff when it comes to my music persona – The Oxford Ambient Collective – I basically keep forgetting. So – I thought it was about time that I actually posted my latest track and more information on how I created it (something I don’t always do that well when I post tracks to Souncloud.

This track is called Estuary Fog and it is the fourth track that I have collaborated on with a music that goes under the name of Encym (aka Roland Rienke).

Roland is always sharing samples and loops with me and I don’t always have the time to do anything with them. (It should be noted that this is nothing to do with the quality of Roland’s work – it is usually down to my own occasional lapses into have no creativity.

In the later part of last year Roland sent me a few loops – all based on his guitar – mostly his own improvisations. This track (below) is based on one of these loops. I then found some excellent samples/recordings of old computing equipment).

Old Computer Recordings 

I downloaded two of these samples which I thought might blend in with Roland’s loop. With all of this in mind I then loaded them into the Soundscaper app.  Soundscaper is basically an “An experimental sound mini lab”. It has three slots in which you can load samples and then do a whole load of morhping with the sounds – it is all pretty experimental. It is a great app to work with  – I have no real idea on how it all work.

I then went into a truly amazing app called AUM. AUM is a very powerful audio mixing and is used by many iOS musicians. I loaded an instance of Sounscaper into AUM. Once in AUM I added two instances of another app called Ripplemaker. This best way of describing Ripplemaker is that it is a modular app and by sheer luck I found a preset which I had used before which worked so well with of the work that I can done with Sounscaper. To cut a very post short I then finished off with a few effects plugins – Eventide BlackholeEOS 2 and K7D. Here is the track!



New trakck Solace III

It has been..well to years since I made a post…so here goes! The track below (Solace III) invloved me recording me playing my Early LearningCentre keyboard (basically two sessions). These were recorded into Auria abd the live mixed into Audacity (making use of some delays and choruses). Once it was in Audacity I palyed around with the wonderful PaulStretch effect to mostly make it longer but to add to the dynamics. I then loaded int into FL Studio for some EQing, mastering.


New Track – Spirit III

I must admit that I am very bad at keeping this music blog of mine up to date with my new tracks. Here is Spirit III which will hopefully appear on my Spirit album. Played in Thumbjam and mixed in auria. F2 hold a4 g4 f4 c4 twice E2 hold a4 a#4 c5 (that’s the melody).