New trakck Solace III

It has been..well to years since I made a post…so here goes! The track below (Solace III) invloved me recording me playing my Early LearningCentre keyboard (basically two sessions). These were recorded into Auria abd the live mixed into Audacity (making use of some delays and choruses). Once it was in Audacity I palyed around with the wonderful PaulStretch effect to mostly make it longer but to add to the dynamics. I then loaded int into FL Studio for some EQing, mastering.


New Track – Spirit III

I must admit that I am very bad at keeping this music blog of mine up to date with my new tracks. Here is Spirit III which will hopefully appear on my Spirit album. Played in Thumbjam and mixed in auria. F2 hold a4 g4 f4 c4 twice E2 hold a4 a#4 c5 (that’s the melody).


This is a series of three tracks. The first two are Klangscwester I (which was recorded at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry). The second is imaginetilvely called Klangschwester II and was played home. Both were composed in the iPad app Korg Gadget which has an excellent synth called Helsinki which produces some great ambient synty tones. The last track of the three is called Soundsister which a superb re-work of the first Klangschwester track by a Soundcloud artist called who hails from Germany.