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I must confess that I am not very good at all of the social media stuff when it comes to my music persona – The Oxford Ambient Collective – I basically keep forgetting. So – I thought it was about time that I actually posted my latest track and more information on how I created it (something I don’t always do that well when I post tracks to Souncloud.

This track is called Estuary Fog and it is the fourth track that I have collaborated on with a music that goes under the name of Encym (aka Roland Rienke).

Roland is always sharing samples and loops with me and I don’t always have the time to do anything with them. (It should be noted that this is nothing to do with the quality of Roland’s work – it is usually down to my own occasional lapses into have no creativity.

In the later part of last year Roland sent me a few loops – all based on his guitar – mostly his own improvisations. This track (below) is based on one of these loops. I then found some excellent samples/recordings of old computing equipment).

Old Computer Recordings 

I downloaded two of these samples which I thought might blend in with Roland’s loop. With all of this in mind I then loaded them into the Soundscaper app.  Soundscaper is basically an “An experimental sound mini lab”. It has three slots in which you can load samples and then do a whole load of morhping with the sounds – it is all pretty experimental. It is a great app to work with  – I have no real idea on how it all work.

I then went into a truly amazing app called AUM. AUM is a very powerful audio mixing and is used by many iOS musicians. I loaded an instance of Sounscaper into AUM. Once in AUM I added two instances of another app called Ripplemaker. This best way of describing Ripplemaker is that it is a modular app and by sheer luck I found a preset which I had used before which worked so well with of the work that I can done with Sounscaper. To cut a very post short I then finished off with a few effects plugins – Eventide BlackholeEOS 2 and K7D. Here is the track!



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